We do the social leaving you to look after the business


We will get you more engagement, sales and profit for your business

When hiring a social media partner, it’s important to find one that plugs any skills gap you may have in your business. At Pathway, we offer a wealth of services that help demystify social media and handhold your business all the way to developing your own social media mastery. Each of these services can be dialled up and down depending on the package of support you choose.


We immerse ourselves to learn about your business to better understand what you want to achieve and then propose a game plan on how to increase brand awareness, generate sales and leads, grow your brand’s audience, drive traffic to your site or increase your engagement rates through a multi-channel approach.


We help you create and curate engaging social media content and advise how to keep up with the latest social media trends that will set you apart from your competition. We’ll recommend ways to grab the attention of your current followers experimenting with messaging and content to bring your brand to life.

Community Management

We’ll share with you how to monitor engagement with your posts, how to be always in listening mode and to take part in or initiate key conversations to offer customer support, protect your reputation and get feedback from your community.

Analysing & Reporting

We will help you set key performance metrics that we’ll monitor against and keep a finger on the pulse of conversations that are happening around your business and industry.  Understanding what works, what doesn’t and what to keep improving is key and we will support you through this.

Ad management

We will manage your social media advertising and identify the best platforms for these to help meet your goals.  As social ads have a lot more flexibility around how you can present your content, we make sure that we give a message that’s relevant, useful and engaging. We’ll help manage your targeting and get the best possible return from social media advertising.

Facebook & social media advertising PPC

We can help with both the paid and non-paid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to help drive traffic to your website from a Google search. We will advise on how to create and manage highly targeted paid for advertising where you can choose who you appear to, under what context and when.